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Dr. Sherry Chocholaty, DC

Chiropractic Kinesiologist, Regulation Thermometry

Dr. Sherry Chocholaty has been passionately caring for patients for more than 25 years and seeks lasting changes in their levels of pain, inflammation and overall health and wellness. Her specialties include advanced study and implementation of Applied Kinesiology, certification in Neural Organization Technique, Regulation Thermometry, as well as Integrative Nutritional Therapy.

Chocholaty Chiropractic is a warm and welcoming practice offering hands-on, gentle, non-invasive care to correct structural and neurological faults in the body. They also utilize Class IV Laser Therapy to help manage pain, reduce inflammation and speed recovery. Dr. Sherry is committed to seeing her patients live a vibrant life, full of possibilities.

After graduating Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 1999, she continued her postgraduate studies in England and France for advanced study. Working extensively with the CrossFit International Games in the role of Athlete Services as well as representing Rock Tape’s sponsorship of The Games for a portion of those years (2007-2017). Dr. Sherry also uses her experience to support local athletic teams such as Crew and Competitive Cheer.

Dr. Sherry is married to her wonderful husband, Mark. With six children between them, significant others, and four grandchildren, she has the capacity, love, and commitment to bring organization to a very busy and enthusiastic family. Fitness includes hot yoga, running, and weight training. Enjoying time outside in nature, whether it is the mountains of Lake Tahoe or the beaches of Baja of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, she strives every day to practice what she shares with patients about their health and living a vibrant and connected life.

Sarita Palomino

Practice Manager & Patient Liaison

Sarita warmly welcomes patients to the practice as the primary point of contact for patient communication and information. She works to facilitate all aspects of the practice, including scheduling, account management, and filling the role of patient liaison. Her beautiful smile, expert organization, attention to detail, and compassion for patients and their families are what make her so special. She has spent over twenty years in the medical profession, and it shows in her experience and level of professionalism.

When Sarita is not at the practice, she and her husband enjoy travel and time with family and friends. She and her little dog, Mister, enjoy long walks and spending time in nature. She is also trained in Reiki and has a wonderful intuitive gift for healing, which supports her ability to effortlessly connect with patients and their needs. She is very bright, creative, funny, and lives life with a warm and grateful heart.

Sarita is committed to an excellent and seamless patient care experience for everyone.

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